The Last Outpost is a text adventure game. It will almost certainly look different on your screen than it does here, but the text will be the same!

This was taken from a Linux box. The terminal program is 'rxvt -geometry 80x26 -fn 8x16 -fg white +sb -title "The Last Outpost" -e telnet 4000'.

kill da wabbit.

The LO web client running in retro fullscreen "Green Terminal" mode. It sure looks a lot like a DEC VT220!


This is the client at Mud Portal.

Mud Portal

This is a semi-transparent rxvt shell running on Linux under the KDE window manager. The background image of a forest is showing through.

Rahj's Terminal

This is the LO web client running on an Android phone.




This is the LO web client running on the center console of a Jaguar I-Pace. (Seriously, not fake. LO is playable on a car.)

Jaguar I-Pace

Have you seen this in game? If so, congratulations!

Remort Screen

Here is the first screenshot of the new wide-mode graphic!