Players by zones and rooms

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameZonesRoom Percentage
1Jameson the Field Marshal8199.7
2Sevmek the Z├╝rcher8199.5
3Morack Il Consigliere8198.5
4Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer8093.0
5Sassafras the halfling Patriarch8087.8
6Viktor the Warlord7886.8
7Godsgift the Clan Jumper7782.5
8Drexel Rolls the Nickels.7774.0
9Xeii the gnomish Sorcerer4527.0
10Sotto the Civil Servant3620.4
11Sween the Competent Adventurer199.7
12Turkish the ogre Combatant196.1
13Tyraxle the elvish Ranger105.7
14Battlebeard the Sales Person94.2
15Anirion the elvish Attendant81.9
16Soth the human Attendant72.8
17Durnit the ogre Recruit61.4
18Felwine the dwarven Man61.4
19Bravo the human Attendant50.5
20Ihsahn the Sales Person40.8
21Fighter the human Recruit40.7
22Ginhton the human Believer40.5
23Ashnei the Harmless Adventurer30.4
24Grigg the Return Customer11.1