Players by zones and rooms

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameZonesRoom Percentage
1Jameson the Field Marshal8199.7
2Morack Il Consigliere8198.5
3Viktor the human Sorcerer7992.2
4Issib what?!7985.1
5Godsgift the Clan Jumper7782.5
6Calloway the Barbarian7467.6
7Jedidja the ogre Champion6442.7
8Turkish the ogre Hero248.3
9Zalyr the elvish Pick-Pocket177.7
10Lyra the ogre Sentress114.2
11Sisi the elvish Scholar of Magic82.1
12Doran the Re-Incarnated72.8
13Zevia the Sales Person61.5
14Cray the elvish Believer60.8
15Glint the Trader51.3
16Vallis the ogre Recruit51.0
17Aztek the Sales Person50.7
18Trithalos the elvish Man40.6
19Caleb the Merchant in Training31.1
20Fluffy the ogre Swordpupil30.3
21Aptekar the ogre Man20.2