Players by zones and rooms

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameZonesRoom Percentage
1Jameson your Fearless Leader [Solo]8099.7
2Sevmek the Z├╝rcher8099.5
3Morack the Voice of Reason8098.5
4Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost8091.9
5Sassafras the Customs Official8088.1
6Godsgift AFK7782.7
7Yachats its Phinger!7060.3
8Gwah the ogre Cut-Throat6450.3
9Phinger the Reader of Signs6353.0
10Thorin the Merchant in Training4838.5
11Merak the Trader2918.9
12Odals the human Veteran208.0
13Gretulah the halfling Filcheress113.3
14Lroy the Harmless Adventurer91.8
15Giddar the Harmless Adventurer81.9
16Tankion the Bargain Hunter71.9
17Ulla the Return Customer50.5