Players by percentage of item types seen

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameItem Percentage
1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn92.3
2Jorus .90.0
3Kage the Clan Jumper70.6
4Leo the human Cut-Throat69.4
5Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost41.5
6Rylaz the Re-master of the Guilds41.1
7Orym the human Knight38.6
8Sassafras of Set, the Bell Ringer35.7
9Brizzt the halfling War Witch20.7
10Rahjito the dwarven Patriarch19.8
11Buddha the human Patriarch12.5
12Gild the Shaman10.6
13Raul the human Cut-Throat10.5
14Shaggy the Civil Servant7.4
15Onpoth the Medium4.3
16Jds the Respected3.7
17Lillian the ogre Combatess1.3