Players by percentage of item types seen

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameItem Percentage
1Kage of the Jones Order62.6
2Leo the human Cut-Throat56.9
3Jorus the Ghost Buster!56.8
4Zalyr Represents the Establishment55.2
5Jameson the Field Marshal39.0
6Godsgift the Clan Jumper37.9
7Sassafras The Liege Lord of Flandellyn26.0
8Driz the Robber of the Rich17.9
9Rahjito the Necromancer17.7
10Rylaz the human Patriarch13.0
11Calloway the dwarven Sorcerer8.0
12Payback the Discerning Shopper7.6
13Buddha the human Patriarch7.0
14Issib what?!5.8
15Lupin the Producer4.3
16Massen the gnomish Sorcerer3.7
17Orym the Dangerous2.5
18Ascii the human Delver in Spells2.1
19Amber the elvish Spell Student1.8
20Target the dwarven Knight1.7
21Aminflores the elvish Cut-Throat1.6