Players by percentage of mob types killed

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameMob Percentage
1Jameson the Field Marshal84.8
2Morack the dwarven Abjurer77.5
3Zalyr the human Cut-Throat73.1
4Godsgift the Clan Jumper68.9
5Sassafras the Shaman66.4
6Issib what?!65.4
7Zolmik the dwarven Patriarch43.3
8Phinger the Reader of Signs27.8
9Sam the halfling Sorcerer18.2
10Rand the human Magician10.6
11Sithis Kevlar the Bullet Proof Ogre [ROCK]7.4
12Shrike the human Hero7.1
13Karlor the Discerning Shopper2.3
14Zark the Trader1.8