Players by percentage of mob types killed

(Recent Players Only)

RankNameMob Percentage
1Jameson the Field Marshal83.3
2Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer81.9
3Sevmek the Z├╝rcher80.5
4Morack Il Consigliere76.5
5Godsgift the Clan Jumper69.0
6Sassafras the halfling Patriarch66.0
7Viktor the Warlord60.5
8Drexel Rolls the Nickels.57.8
9Xeii the gnomish Sorcerer26.4
10Sween the Competent Adventurer8.1
11Sotto the Civil Servant5.5
12Turkish the ogre Combatant5.1
13Tyraxle the elvish Ranger2.1
14Battlebeard the Sales Person1.4
15Soth the human Attendant1.3