Players by total levels

(Recent Players Only)

1Wahooka making mudding great again8
2Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost4
3Dimsdale Il Consigliere2
4Jameson walker of the grassland slayer of lambs2
5Styyn the Headmaster1
6Morack the Gold Digger1
7Diva the elvish Sorceress0
8Gryshk , Knight of the Mists0
9Chaos the Re-Incarnated0
10Zoso the Expert Trader0
11Grover the Guild's Fixer0
12Bonham the human Cut-Throat0
13Alec the gnomish Swashbuckler0
14Thraxian the Re-Incarnated0
15Legoean the human Medium of Magic0
16Humphrey the Questling0
17Fulgrim the human Spell Student0
18Eddy the human Footpad0
19Kale the human Recruit0
20Drayd the human Recruit0
21Taargus the dwarven Recruit0
22Tilnaso the halfling Footpad0
23Rooke the dwarven Pilferer0
24Thrakun the Sales Person0
25Vlarien the human Swordpupil0