Players by total levels

(Recent Players Only)

1Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost4
2Dimsdale the Player Killer2
3Jameson the Field Marshal2
4Morack the dwarven Abjurer2
5Zalyr the Barbarian0
6Godsgift the Clan Jumper0
7Exash the human Knight0
8Gravis the Harmless Adventurer0
9Testa the ogre Swordpupil0
10Elith the dwarven Apprentice of Magic0
11Juner the gnomish Scholar of Magic0
12Xeek the human Footpad0
13Kalmo the Harmless Adventurer0
14Dryfex the dwarven Footpad0
15Chevwik the Harmless Adventurer0
16Catherinne the Re-Incarnated0