Players by total levels

(Recent Players Only)

1Sassafras the halfling Sneak5
2Kage the human Sorcerer3
3Dimsdale the Player Killer2
4Jameson The Leader of the Last Outpost2
5Zalyr the human Cut-Throat2
6Morack the Robber of the Rich2
7Drexel Rolls the Nickels.0
8Godsgift the Clan Jumper0
9Kafka the human Knight0
10Rahjito el Títere0
11Gryph Smash0
12Gravis +0
13Blackwolf Prays for Your Soul0
14Logoutok the ogre Knight0
15Kopigod the Loyal Guild Member0
16Faledric the Discerning Shopper0
17Holy the dwarven Swordmaster0
18Velvet the human Robber0
19Park the Bargain Hunter0
20Pebble the Loyal Guild Member0
21Tristes the Merchant in Training0
22Fizzle the elvish Medium of Magic0
23Teng the Sales Person0
24Myra the elvish Spell Student0
25Hanse the Re-Incarnated0