Players by total levels

(Recent Players Only)

1Sassafras the Shaman4
2Jameson the Field Marshal2
3Issib what?!2
4Morack the dwarven Abjurer2
5Zalyr the human Cut-Throat1
6Godsgift the Clan Jumper0
7Zolmik the dwarven Patriarch0
8Sam the halfling Sorcerer0
9Phinger the Reader of Signs0
10Sithis Kevlar the Bullet Proof Ogre [ROCK]0
11Rand the human Magician0
12Shrike the human Hero0
13Zark the Trader0
14Karlor the Discerning Shopper0
15Hylic the Re-Incarnated0
16Vayne the human Footpad0