Players by total bankroll

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson The Leader of the Last Outpost24491889
2Zalyr the Strangely Charming20113653
3Kage the Kamikaze11554466
4Godsgift the Clan Jumper7985027
5Viktor the Zoo Keeper6340342
6Dimsdale the Player Killer5322318
7Drexel the dwarven Patriarch3646559
8Sassafras the Necromancer1461251
9Buddha the Competent Adventurer1181933
10Park the human Knight429775
11Rahjito the Necromancer162525
12Vexed the human Sorceress71990
13Duglass the destroyer28033
14Rowena feels qwerty... o so qwerty12722
15Minara the gnomish Scholar of Magic11444
16Crookedcrown the ogre Swordpupil1261