Players by total bankroll

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson the Field Marshal8257974
2Godsgift the Clan Jumper7886836
3Dimsdale the Player Killer5145287
4Zalyr the elvish Cut-Throat1602119
5Malhot the Destroyer723976
6Exash the human Knight332333
7Gwah the ogre Cut-Throat329937
8Amyris the human Knight290286
9Gestas the human Quick-Blade147479
10Wolfie the human Burglar138697
11Morack the Robber of the Rich47231
12Dude the halfling Sharper15906
13Cece the ogre Sentry5734
14Dax the Return Customer5188
15Eliazris the Questling4182
16Pedro the Mostly Harmless Adventurer4012
17Nadiy the Petty Bureaucrat3367
18Rilkeen the human Seer3260
19Letharean the dwarven Swordpupil2828
20Cyper the Harmless Adventurer2126
21Austerity the human Believer1069