Players by total bankroll

(Recent Players Only)

1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn64049810
2Kage the Clan Jumper35044005
3Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost25480420
4Leo the human Cut-Throat10353855
5Rylaz the Treasure Hunter2888011
6Buddha the Explorer2823089
7Jorus the Ghost Buster!2690782
8Sherman ator1426643
9Orym the elvish Knight1191315
10Thurman the human Cut-Throat779179
11Sassafras the halfling Patriarch231784
12Shaggy the human Cut-Throat109805
13Zorg the Dedicated108318
14Bandos the dwarven Seer51748
15Kara the elvish Acolyte50647
16Wecs the dwarven Seer47485
17Coord the Trader2669