Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Xe The Leader of the Last OutpostThe Elemental Temple
2Styyn the HeadmasterThe Elemental Temple
3Jameson Gives a Mean NoogieThe Elemental Temple
4Issib what?!The Beaten Path
5Godsgift the Return CustomerThe Last Outpost
6Gryshk , Knight of the MistsThe Last Outpost
7Chaos the Re-IncarnatedSpider Cave
8Diva .Spider Cave
9Greystone is a very small rock!!The Gnomish City
10Gorgan the dwarven SorcererThe Burial Cliff
11Vax the halfling MagsmanThe Trog Perimeter
12Rimi the human Delveress in SpellsThe Overgrown Grasslands
13Scanlan the gnomish FighterThe Southern Woods