Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Kage the KamikazeThe Beaten Path
2Dimsdale the Player KillerThe Beaten Path
3Sassafras the NecromancerThe Beaten Path
4Godsgift the Clan JumperThe Greater Zodiac
5Zalyr the Strangely CharmingDarken Wood
6Jameson The Leader of the Last OutpostThe Jungle
7Buddha the Competent AdventurerThe Jungle
8Viktor the Zoo KeeperSpider Cave
9Rahjito the NecromancerThe Gnomish City
10Vexed the human SorceressThe Burial Cliff
11Park the human KnightThe Lost Outpost
12Drexel the dwarven PatriarchDreamland
13Rowena feels qwerty... o so qwertyThe Desert
14Duglass the destroyerThe Canymugs Lair
15Kreld the ogre FighterThe Wasp Nest