Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson The Leader of the Last OutpostThe Elemental Temple
2Dimsdale the Player KillerThe Beaten Path
3Godsgift the Clan JumperDarken Wood
4Kage the human SorcererDarken Wood
5Drexel Rolls the Nickels.Flood Plains and Wasteland
6Zalyr the human Cut-ThroatThe Delta
7Logoutok the ogre KnightOld Forest
8Kafka the human KnightThe Gnomish City
9Gravis +The Burial Cliff
10Rahjito el TítereThe Lost Outpost
11Gryph SmashThe Lost Outpost
12Blackwolf Prays for Your SoulThe Fodderminder Pit
13Morack the Robber of the RichThe High Mesa
14Faledric the Discerning ShopperThe Low Mesa
15Holy the dwarven SwordmasterThe Shroom Caves
16Kopigod the Loyal Guild MemberThe Shroom Caves
17Velvet the human RobberThe Orcish Lair
18Pebble the Loyal Guild MemberUnder the Grasslands
19Tristes the Merchant in TrainingThe Grassland
20Park the Bargain HunterThe Grassland
21Fizzle the elvish Medium of MagicThe Southern Woods
22Teng the Sales PersonThe Southern Woods
23Sassafras the halfling SneakThe Southern Woods