Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson the Field MarshalThe Elemental Temple
2Dimsdale the Player KillerThe Beaten Path
3Morack the Robber of the RichThe Beaten Path
4Godsgift the Clan JumperDarken Wood
5Malhot the DestroyerThe Jungle
6Amyris the human KnightThe Archmage's Dark Tower
7Gwah the ogre Cut-ThroatOld Forest
8Zalyr the elvish Cut-ThroatOld Forest
9Exash the human KnightThe Steppes
10Gestas the human Quick-BladeThe Canymugs Lair
11Wolfie the human BurglarThe Mesa Cliff Face
12Dude the halfling SharperThe Trog Perimeter
13Nadiy the Petty BureaucratThe Wasp Nest
14Rilkeen the human SeerThe Wasp Nest
15Cece the ogre SentryThe Farmland
16Pedro the Mostly Harmless AdventurerThe Southern Woods
17Eliazris the QuestlingThe Southern Woods
18Vazbol the human FootpadThe Southern Woods