Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson the Field MarshalThe Elemental Temple
2Dimsdale the Player KillerThe Beaten Path
3Godsgift the Clan JumperDarken Wood
4Zalyr the Chief of StaffFlood Plains and Wasteland
5Sassafras of the Order of GawainFlood Plains and Wasteland
6Zolmik the dwarven PatriarchThe Burial Cliff
7Sam the Bargain HunterThe Lost Outpost
8Shiloh the elvish Lady KnightThe Steppes
9Carillyn the Discerning ShopperThe Hill Giant Village
10Angstrom the Mostly Harmless AdventurerThe Haunted Manor
11Havik the ogre MinisterThe Haunted Manor
12Tacowaco the AdventurerThe Grassland