Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Jameson the Field MarshalThe Elemental Temple
2Morack Il ConsigliereThe Beaten Path
3Godsgift the Clan JumperThe Last Outpost
4Sevmek the Z├╝rcherThe Last Outpost
5Viktor the WarlordPasture
6Drexel Rolls the Nickels.Flood Plains and Wasteland
7Xeii the gnomish SorcererThe Jungle
8Wahooka the gnomish SorcererFlandellyn's Fasthold
9Sassafras the halfling PatriarchFlandellyn's Fasthold
10Turkish the ogre CombatantThe Savannah
11Sotto the Civil ServantThe Orcish Lair
12Sween the Competent AdventurerThe Overgrown Grasslands
13Tyraxle the elvish RangerThe Grassland
14Battlebeard the Sales PersonThe Farmland
15Soth the human AttendantThe Southern Woods
16Felwine the dwarven ManThe Southern Woods