Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Xe The Leader of the Last OutpostThe Elemental Temple
2Styyn the HeadmasterThe Elemental Temple
3Jameson walker of the grassland slayer of lambsThe Elemental Temple
4Dimsdale Il ConsigliereThe Beaten Path
5Morack the Gold DiggerThe Beaten Path
6Wahooka making mudding great againThe Last Outpost
7Gryshk , Knight of the MistsThe Last Outpost
8Diva the elvish SorceressThe Castle In The Clouds Part II
9Bonham the human Cut-ThroatThe Burial Cliff
10Zoso the Expert TraderThe Fodderminder Pit
11Grover the Guild's FixerThe Bosun's Wife
12Chaos the Re-IncarnatedThe High Mesa
13Alec the gnomish SwashbucklerThe Ocean
14Thraxian the Re-IncarnatedThe Foothills
15Legoean the human Medium of MagicThe Northern Woods
16Humphrey the QuestlingThe Deep Pit
17Fulgrim the human Spell StudentThe Southern Woods
18Kale the human RecruitThe Southern Woods
19Eddy the human FootpadThe Southern Woods