Players by Zone Rating

(Recent Players Only)

1Xe the Elite AdventurerThe Elemental Temple
2Jameson the Field MarshalThe Elemental Temple
3Dimsdale the Master of the GuildsThe Beaten Path
4Morack Little FingerThe Beaten Path
5Godsgift the DeciderThe Last Outpost
6Sevmek the Z├╝rcherThe Last Outpost
7Yachats the Guild WolfFlood Plains and Wasteland
8Xeii the gnomish SorcererThe Archmage's Dark Tower
9Sassafras the Clan JumperThe Castle In The Clouds Part II
10Greystone the Re-IncarnatedThe Gnomish City
11Vlad the Harmless AdventurerHighpoint
12Sevendream the human SneakThe Cart Path
13Felios the ogre PilfererThe Southern Woods