Players by zones and rooms

(Current Era)

RankNameZonesRoom Percentage
1Jameson the Field Marshal8199.7
2Sevmek the Z├╝rcher8199.3
3Morack the dwarven Seer8199.1
4Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer8092.9
5Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost8092.3
6Sassafras the Deadly8087.7
7Zalyr the elvish Cut-Throat8086.5
8Dimsdale the Player Killer8083.1
9Styyn the Headmaster7994.1
10Viktor the human Sorcerer7992.0
11Chaos the Re-Incarnated7989.5
12Issib what?!7985.0
13Yachats the Guild Wolf7976.7
14Hithere the Producer7893.4
15Leo the dwarven Patriarch7788.8
16Godsgift the Clan Jumper7782.4
17Chainfire 7778.4
18Drexel Rolls the Nickels.7773.8
19Sinjin says 'Merry Happy!'7773.0
20Manwe ..7767.5
21Dissurender the Dragon Slayer7765.6
22Tsoptuotsal the bag of bones7760.1
23Darkenrahl Loves all of his creations. 7681.3
24Chandra the Unicorn Whisperer7673.5
25Malhot the Destroyer7672.9