Players by percentage of item types seen

(Current Era)

RankNameItem Percentage
1Styyn the Headmaster77.3
2Hithere the Producer73.3
3Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer65.5
4Morack the dwarven Seer52.6
5Chandra the Unicorn Whisperer51.2
6Leo the dwarven Patriarch51.0
7Viktor the human Sorcerer50.0
8Godsgift the Clan Jumper42.5
9Jameson the Field Marshal37.3
10Sevmek the Z├╝rcher37.0
11Arqa the dwarven Patriarch36.3
12Tsoptuotsal the bag of bones30.1
13Wyatt the human Sorcerer27.1
14Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost26.9
15Cowboy must have a bad reputation24.3
16Yachats the Guild Wolf24.0
17Zalyr the elvish Cut-Throat23.0
18Jeckle .22.6
19Elsabith Amberwave19.8
20Sinjin says 'Merry Happy!'19.7
21Chaos the Re-Incarnated19.7
22Drslow aka apprentice19.5
23Virk the Sales Person18.9
24Dimsdale the Player Killer18.6
25Gryshk , Knight of the Mists17.3