Players by percentage of item types seen

(Current Era)

RankNameItem Percentage
1Zalyr The Liege Lord of Flandellyn82.7
2Jorus Represents the Establishment79.5
3Styyn the Headmaster69.1
4Hithere the Producer65.6
5Kage the Clan Jumper65.1
6Leo the human Cut-Throat60.2
7Viktor the Joiner58.8
8Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer58.5
9Morack praises the Gods47.0
10Chandra the Unicorn Whisperer45.9
11Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last Outpost41.0
12Godsgift Supports the Global Economy40.0
13Sevmek of Highpoint34.5
14Orym the Master of the Guilds32.3
15Arqa the dwarven Patriarch32.2
16Xe the human Sorcerer30.8
17Sassafras the Necromanteion of Acheron28.7
18Payback the Master of the Guilds28.2
19Tsoptuotsal the bag of bones26.4
20Wyatt the human Sorcerer24.2
21Cowboy must have a bad reputation21.6
22Thualan the Silent21.3
23Park the human Knight21.2
24Yachats the Guild Wolf21.1
25Inconel the Consumer20.3