Players by total levels

(Current Era)

1Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer9
2Viktor the human Sorcerer8
3Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost4
4Sassafras the Deadly4
5Chainfire 4
6Jeckle .3
7Darkenrahl Loves all of his creations. 3
8Dimsdale the Player Killer2
9Jameson the Field Marshal2
10Andrameda 2
11Issib what?!2
12Leo the dwarven Patriarch2
13Sevmek the Z├╝rcher2
14Morack the dwarven Seer2
15Styyn the Headmaster1
16Sinjin says 'Merry Happy!'1
17Zip -1
18Kytorez 1
19Goku 1
20Yachats the Guild Wolf1
21Manwe ..1
22Elsabith Amberwave0
23Vercingetorix .0
24Calrus .0
25Mibru Stormcloud0