Players by total bankroll

(Current Era)

1Jameson the Field Marshal8472580
2Godsgift the Clan Jumper7886836
3Wahooka the gnomish Sorcerer5858931
4Dimsdale the Player Killer5145037
5Hithere the Producer3718876
6Diva .3015199
7Zalyr the elvish Cut-Throat2958953
8Sinjin says 'Merry Happy!'2283477
9Chaos the Re-Incarnated2197290
10Viktor the human Sorcerer2124536
11Xe The Leader of the Last Outpost1972762
12Jeckle .1698508
13Mibru Stormcloud1690857
14Darkenrahl Loves all of his creations. 1663584
15Chandra the Unicorn Whisperer1651189
16Cowboy must have a bad reputation1469532
17Gryshk , Knight of the Mists1444107
18Yachats the Guild Wolf1402264
19Rimi of the Order of Gawain1258415
20Arqa the dwarven Patriarch1212010
21Andrameda 1132237
22Lily the elvish Matriarch1122115
23Issib what?!991961
24Tsoptuotsal the bag of bones991613
25Styyn the Headmaster947589