Players by Zone Rating

(Current Era)

1Xe the Elite AdventurerThe Elemental Temple
2Styyn the HeadmasterThe Elemental Temple
3Chainfire The Elemental Temple
4Jameson the Field MarshalThe Elemental Temple
5Darkenrahl Loves all of his creations. The Elemental Temple
6Issib what?!The Beaten Path
7Goku The Beaten Path
8Dimsdale the Master of the GuildsThe Beaten Path
9Hithere the ProducerThe Beaten Path
10Morack the Elite AdventurerThe Beaten Path
11Jeckle .The Last Outpost
12Godsgift the Clan JumperThe Last Outpost
13Andrameda The Last Outpost
14Sevmek the Z├╝rcherThe Last Outpost
15Manwe ..The Last Outpost
16Sinjin says 'Merry Happy!'The Last Outpost
17Calrus .The Last Outpost
18Calloway the BarbarianThe Last Outpost
19Gryshk , Knight of the MistsThe Last Outpost
20Elsabith AmberwavePasture
21Hubo The Grave DiggaFlood Plains and Wasteland
22Kytorez Flood Plains and Wasteland
23Ravn the dwarven SorcererFlood Plains and Wasteland
24Drexel Rolls the Nickels.Flood Plains and Wasteland
25Vercingetorix .Flood Plains and Wasteland