Players by Zone Rating

(Current Era)

1Kage the Clan JumperThe Elemental Temple
2Zalyr The Liege Lord of FlandellynThe Elemental Temple
3Styyn the HeadmasterThe Elemental Temple
4Chainfire The Elemental Temple
5Xe the human SorcererThe Elemental Temple
6Jameson Longtime Leader of the Last OutpostThe Elemental Temple
7Sassafras the Necromanteion of AcheronThe Elemental Temple
8Darkenrahl the Bargain HunterThe Elemental Temple
9Dimsdale the Player KillerThe Elemental Temple
10Thurman atorThe Elemental Temple
11Jorus Represents the EstablishmentThe Elemental Temple
12Issib what?!The Beaten Path
13Goku The Beaten Path
14Leo the human Cut-ThroatThe Beaten Path
15Buddha the ExplorerThe Beaten Path
16Hithere the ProducerThe Beaten Path
17Payback the Master of the GuildsThe Beaten Path
18Driz the Robber of the RichThe Beaten Path
19Rylaz the MediumThe Beaten Path
20Jeckle .The Greater Zodiac
21Godsgift Supports the Global EconomyThe Greater Zodiac
22Modpa the human Cut-ThroatThe Greater Zodiac
23Sherman atorThe Greater Zodiac
24Lupin the ProducerThe Greater Zodiac
25Rahjito the Elite AdventurerThe Greater Zodiac