Players by zones and rooms

RankNameZonesRoom Percentage
1Sinjen - Give us this day our daily week.7799.9
2Bael Funny the way it is....7799.8
3Wahooka 7798.7
4Apprentice 7797.5
5Benson 7796.2
6Kage 7795.1
7Umar Overlord of LO!7792.0
8UMAR the dwarven Scribe of Magic7792.0
9UMaR the dwarven Apprentice of Magic7792.0
10Wyatt says This is Ground Zero. Shut her down!7787.1
11Aid has given up his title.7782.5
12Kithrim and the power of POOF!7782.2
13Goku 7776.4
14GOKU the ogre Man7776.4
15Wotan the dwarven Patriarch7773.5
16Darknight 7770.3
17KDizzle for shizzle7764.8
18Grayle 7764.2
19DarkenRahl 7760.3
20Storm ..... :D7759.9
21Mudd the gnomish Sorcerer7695.1
22Chandra 7692.1
23Android 7682.1
24Puddy the human Bishop7681.0
25Word .7673.7