The Outpost Post
                                  10 Jul 2021

   The Publisher's Guild wishes to remind our readership that they are always
on the lookout for a good story to print.  Keep those journals up to date, you
never know if your exploits could be the stuff of the next blockbuster!

   Rumors abound of newly uncovered mosaic artwork at a dig located deep inside
the Northern Woods.  The pit where the mosaics were found had been decreed off
limits by the church of Set at the start of the reformation, but has been
re-opened by the church to certain scholars of the magic arts. This was likely
done to take some fire out of the ongoing tensions between the Mage's and
Cleric's guilds.  The editor of the Outpost Post certainly Applauds those peace
keeping gestures in these uncertain times!

   Have fun!
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